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Vocal Harmonies

Posted by Giacomo on February 25, 2008
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So how are you vocal harmonies then?

Browsing around this morning we found some footage from NAMM 08 which features a cool performance showing off a vocal harmoniser box.

Don’t you just love technology?

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Recorder Man Technique

Posted by Giacomo on February 24, 2008
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Drums can be such a tricky instrument to “nail”, that often less microphones can in fact be more!

If you’ve ever tried to record drums with lots of microphones you will be aware that a “phase issue” typically rears its ugly head and can bring on some serious comb filtering, which to cut a long story short sounds nasty!

The RecorderMan Technique is one such method which is quick, easy and phase coherent, which usually always yields good results, watch the video and give it a try!


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The Loudness War

Posted by Giacomo on February 24, 2008
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If you’ve not been in circles where this is discussed it’s worth you getting yur head around it.

Fact is that we are living smack bang in the middle of the loudness war, not that an end is in sight either. The loudness war is one that you do not have to enter, though if you are competing with commercial releases it is also something which is hard not to become a part of.

This video explains part of the problem rather well.



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