Producer Loops releases Symphonic Intense for Bunker 8

Posted by Giacomo on February 10, 2012
Releases / Comments Off on Producer Loops releases Symphonic Intense for Bunker 8 has released ‘Symphonic Intense’, a collection filled with powerful orchestral arrangements and articulations coupled with really intense percussion arrangements from their content partner Bunker 8.


‘Symphonic Intense’ brings to mind the smell of burning rubber, street fights car chases and giant explosions. This collection amps up the tempo and introduces positively ready for soundtrack, trailers, games and uptempo intensity and action available immediately in your DAW.


• 1,054 Files
• 4.7 GB of Content
• 157 Acid Loops
• 157 Apple Loops
• 157 Rex Files
• Reason Refill
• 785 Single Hit Samples
• 6 Battery 2 Kits
• 6 Kontakt 2 Kits
• 6 DS404 Kits
• 6 EMU kits
• 6 Gigasampler Kits
• 6 Halion Kits
• 6 Sampletank Kits
• 6 Soundfont Kits
• 6 Wusikstation Kits

Price and Availability:

Symphonic Intense is currently available as a download at for £25.00 / 29,00 EUR / $33.51 USD. More information is available at:

Producer Loops Bunker 8 Special Offer:

Producer Loops is currently offering a 30% and 50% sale on most Bunker 8 Digital Labs products until the end of April. 

For more info, please visit the Bunker 8 Digital Labs manufacturer page at



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Producer Loops releases Dubstep Construnctions 2

Posted by Giacomo on February 10, 2012
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Dubstep Constructions Vol 2 picks up where the hugely popular original pack left off, with 10 dirty dubstep construction kits, all recorded in 24-bit 96 kHz resolution and supplied in a choice of ACID Wav, Apple Loops or REX2 formats. Get ready to plunge into the dark depths of Dubstep Constructions 2.


Dubstep has had an undeniably huge influence on the music scene, both mainstream and underground. Producers the world over are craving the sounds of disturbed wobble bass, atmospheric pads and sparse yet expertly constructed drum beats. Now with ‘Dubstep Constructions Vol 2’ you can have all of this and more, with 490 MB (per format) of truly dark and destructive loops.

All of the content was recorded at a tempo of 140BPM meaning you can easily mix and match elements from any of the 10 construction kits to create new mixes. Fully ACIDized WAV and Apple Loops will allow you to drop them directly into your project and have them sync up perfectly to existing material.

Whether your project calls for Dubstep, Drum and Bass, Industrial, Techno, Hip Hop, Glitch Trip Hop or any other similar style, ‘Dubstep Constructions Vol 2’ is the ideal addition to your sonic arsenal if you’re looking to add a darker, more atmospheric vibe to your music.

The MP3 demo plays all ten main mixes from the construction kits back to back. All of the parts you hear in the demos are included in this product. There is nothing missing. Furthermore, all parts are included on their own (isolated) allowing you to incorporate as much or as little of the construction kit into your tracks as desired. 


• Drum Loops
• Percussion Loops
• Synth Loops
• Bass Loops
• Wobble Basses
• Pads
• FX Loops

Available Formats: 

• Acid
• Apple Loops
• REX2 (All Content)
• Wav


• 490 MB Per Format
• 96 kHz / 24-Bit
• All loops sync to BPM
• PC/Mac Compatible

Price and Availability: 

Dubstep Constructions Vol 2 is currently available as a download at for £19.95 / 23,51 EUR / $26.77 USD. More information is available at:

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TC Electronic Announces G-Major 2

Posted by Giacomo on February 10, 2012
Releases / Comments Off on TC Electronic Announces G-Major 2

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Risskov, Denmark, January 2009 – TC Electronic announces G-Major 2, a guitar multi-effects processor which heralds a new era of rack-based effects.  G-Major 2 is based on the highly acclaimed G-Major platform, but offers new and updated effects and features. G-Major 2 houses effects ranging from delays, reverbs and modulation that helped define the industry. 


It boasts all-new takes on Tri-chorus, through-zero-flanger, modulated delays and Univibe, each created with impeccable TC Electronic quality. G-Major 2 dynamic controls include Noise Gate, EQ and Compression blocks.  G-Major 2 retails at $695 and will ship February 2009.

All reverbs found in G-Major 2 are classic TC Electronic reverbs, which have been retuned specifically for guitar. Anew addition is a whole new filter/wah block, ported 1:1 from TC Electronic’s flagship guitar effects unit: G-System. Rounding out the extensive feature set are intelligent pitch shifting and reverse delay.

G-Major 2 offers extensive control options and enables users to change patches and presets through MIDI, or to use G-Major 2 in ‘stompbox’-mode, enabling on/off switching of individual effects. G-Major 2 also features relay switching options, allowing users to switch their amp channels directly from G-Major 2.

G-Major 2 offers users added control through its three different routings of the 6 effect blocks. G-Major 2 offers Serial Routing – where all blocks are lined as a straight line of pedals. The second option is Semi-Parallel – where Delay and Reverb are placed in parallel and finally Parallel – where all blocks except Compression and filter MOD blocks are placed in serial.

G-Major 2 offers users easy and convenient editing and storing of patches and pre-sets through a PC/Mac editor available from G-major2 at the launch of G-Major 2.

G-Major 2 encompasses all the classic TC Electronic effects that made G-Major a favorite among passionate hobby musicians and pros alike and, using feedback and requests from dedicated users of the G-Major platform, adds new effects and features, making G-Major 2 the perfect amalgam of tried and true and innovation.


DN-S3700 Digital Media Turntable

Posted by Giacomo on February 10, 2012
Releases / Comments Off on DN-S3700 Digital Media Turntable

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D&M Professional & Business Group (Europe) has announced the launch of the new Denon DJ DN-S3700 Digital Media Turntable. The direct drive turntable media player and controller provides DJs with a host of features for enhanced creativity, including a 9” real vinyl spinning platter design, advanced digital features and music access capabilities, with classic turntable touch-feel


First shown at NAMM 2009, the DN-S3700 is a leading-edge single-deck portable DJ instrument. With its large 9” spinning platter design, the DN-S3700 offers DJ’s the best of both digital and analogue realms. In addition to a host of advanced digital features, including USB and MIDI control, the sleek and elegant unit includes a built-in authentic vinyl record for surface control, driven by Denon DJ’s High Torque Direct Drive Motor, providing users with the classic and unmistakable feel of true vinyl.

Sleek New Design, Innovative New Features

In addition to its new 9” spinning platter design, the DN-S3700 features a new sleek and intuitive design with brushed aluminum corners and solid aluminum feet, that will appeal to working DJs who want to look as good as they sound. Innovative new features include three auto loops with real-time loop length adjust and loop trim capabilities. The attractive and easy-to-read new display adds visual waveform data to the mix, providing information on hot start, auto loop, and break point data.

The DN-S3700’s 9” platter mounted with real vinyl is constructed with an ultra high-resolution pulse sensor mechanism to accurately reproduce the subtlest or swiftest scratching movements made by the human hand. The platter can perform other vital functions too, such as pitch bending, frame searching and quick file navigation from external USB devices. For added creative flexibility, three “hot starts” can be made on the fly, which also double as auto loops. In addition to auto loops, traditional A-B loops can be manually executed on the opposite side of the player. And thanks to its five built-in crystal clear DSP Effects, building the mood of the dance floor and remixing live has never been easier. DJs can easily activate and have full parameter control with a Dry/Wet mix control of the five effects: Flanger, Filter (High-Mid-Low), Echo and Echo/Loop, as well as 3 Platter Effects, including Brake (adjustable in real-time), Dump (reverse sound without losing true forward time, like a radio edit), and Reverse (plays your music backwards). For those DJ’s who perform long mix transitions and require high pitch resolution, the S3700 offers pitch control via a 100mm pitch slider with .02% for the 4% pitch range and .05% for the 10/16% pitch range. 24%/50%/100% ranges are also available.

Innovative “Spinning” Turntable Style MIDI Controller with Control of DJ Software

The innovative Denon DN-S3700 is a “spinning” turntable style MIDI controller with sound card, that gives users the advanced capability of controlling various DJ MAC/PC application software. The super-versatile and sophisticated DJ instrument lets users bring together and enjoy access to huge music libraries from virtually all-existing storage media, including AppleÒ iPodsÒ and USB flash drives. For total flexibility, it features an illuminated slot-in CD player; a quick-loading and fast data reading mechanism that offers a variety of audio compact disc support, including CD, CD-R, CD-RW and CD-TEXT. Thanks to its advanced external USB device support, users have access to vast portable music collections stored on external USB media and may connect their iPod, thumb drive, and large hard drives for easy access to small or extensive mp3/wav libraries of up to 50,000 files. Simply plug these devices into the DN-S3700 to obtain the powerful on-board features, such as Instant Start, seamless Looping, effects, Scratching and easy File Searching, to name just a few.

Notably, with its MIDI Interface Controller (PC/MAC), the DN-S3700 is also designed to interface and control a variety of popular DJ programs that supports USB MIDI in/out interface, either by user custom mapping or direct native support by the software vendor. Users can easily control their favorite DJ software, all from a single advanced compact player. Unlike most dedicated DJ midi controllers that are only USB bus powered, the DN-S3700 encompasses its own internal power supply to achieve the highest electrical specifications, resulting in best possible performance. Sound quality from the DN-S3700 is provided by industry leading Burr Brown (a product of TI) 24 bit DAC processing, ensuring superior audio output fidelity.

The DN-S3700 comes complete with Denon DJ’s acclaimed Music Manager Software. Among its groundbreaking features is a highly refined search system, which lets users navigate and tag edit quickly through any MP3/ WAV files connected to the system, with search criteria including Artist, Album, Title, Genre, Year, BPM and Playlists. The Music Manager will also auto calculate the BPM’s for your files as well as create the visual waveform data supported on the DN-S3700’s display.

The Denon DN-S3700 is scheduled to ship in March 2009.
About D&M Business & Professional Group (Europe)

D&M Business & Professional Group (Europe), sales division of Denon Professional, Marantz Professional and Denon DJ, distributes high quality professional audio and video equipment for the broadcast, commercial, corporate, DJ, education, government, audio/visual, education, houses of worship, security, and related industries.
Visit D&M Professional at

or Denon DJ at: denon

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TC-Helicon VoiceLive 2 Redefines Performance Vocal Effects

Posted by Giacomo on February 10, 2012
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Victoria, BC (January 2009) – TC-Helicon, creators of the first vocal harmony and multi-effects floor processor, has pushed the envelope of performance effects for vocalists yet again with VoiceLive 2, an easy-to-use and more powerful floor processor designed to offer singers smooth studio tone, rich harmonies and ear-catching effects.


VoiceLive 2 boasts many advancements including new NaturalPlayTM harmonies with up to eight harmony voices controlled from a guitar, MIDI keyboard or MP3 player. Simultaneous stompbox-style or preset foot-switching allows vocalists to easily engage and layer the six effect blocks, which include a new, more lush reverb, tap tempo delay, natural doubling, T-Pain-like pitch shifting, distortion and megaphone effects. The one-touch adaptive Tone algorithm automatically controls studio-quality compression, EQ and de-essing to produce the perfect vocal sound quickly and effortlessly. A unique digitally-controlled mic-preamp allows singers to set mic gain while standing. A widescreen LCD display and ergonomically designed extruded aluminum curve chassis keeps singers connected to their effects without strain or discomfort. VoiceLive 2 will  ship in May 2009 with a retail price of $995 MSRP.

“VoiceLive 2 is a giant leap forward in the evolution of vocal effects,” says TC-Helicon CEO Kevin Alexander. “There have never been more compelling reasons for singers who have experienced the benefits of controlling vocal harmony and effects in performance to upgrade. Also, because it’s so easy to use, any singer can go to entirely new levels of creativity and control.”

Vocalists who make use of effects to captivate their audience have numerous new features available to them with VoiceLive 2. Wide vocal harmony pads can be created through a combination of eight harmony voices, four additional overdub voices and the live Choir effect that emulates large vocal ensembles. Harmonies have never been easier to produce, regardless of a singer’s instrumentation. The NaturalPlay algorithms are specifically designed to analyze real-world playing styles and arrange musically appropriate harmonies. Vocalists who don’t play an instrument have the option of controlling harmonies from MP3 tracks sent through the stereo auxiliary input or they can easily select the key and scale during performance and store them for use later.

Ease of use was paramount in designing VoiceLive 2 for real world performance situations. Performers can choose between stompbox-style control of the six effect blocks, or recall complete one of 250+ presets via the illuminated metal footswitches. A wizard feature helps vocalists find a specific vocal sound by using description tags such as “distorted lead”, and “2 voice harmony”. The centerpiece of the product is a widescreen LCD display that is bright and legible from a standing position, even in difficult lighting.

The DSP processor in VoiceLive 2 has five times the processing power of a typical floor effect. This allows simultaneous use of all the effects including adaptive EQ, compression, de-ess, gate, pitch correction, µMod (micromod), delay, reverb, 8 voice harmony, 4 voice doubling, choir, T-pain style pitch effect, transducer, and distortion. Even with the heavy processing requirement of this vocal signal path, there is still room for a dedicated guitar effects block that provides compression, EQ, reverb, and detuning for acoustic guitar players.

VoiceLive 2 makes use of TC-Helicon’s acclaimed adaptive Tone feature found in several of its VoiceTone products. The Tone algorithm listens to the singer and automatically adjusts EQ, compression, and de-essing to make their individual voice sound smooth and studio-produced. A new Auto-Gate feature removes background noise and gives singers more gain before feedback. VoiceLive 2’s back panel includes professional level stereo XLR and ¼” TRS outputs, digital I/O, MIDI, an auxiliary input, a headphone output, and USB for back-up, upgrades, and interactive support.

To ensure a comfortable and low-effort integration into a singer’s performance, VoiceLive 2 includes several new ergonomic industrial design features. The extruded aluminum curve is designed to place footswitches at angles natural to performers’ feet. Push buttons are recessed for protection and accidental foot presses. Finally, an integrated soft-touch handle on the bottom of VoiceLive 2 makes for easy carrying to and from performances.


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